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POROI special issue

Oral History Project




POROI Volume 10, Number 2 proudly presents a special, guest-edited issue devoted to the work of Alan G. Gross on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Rhetoric of Science, his seminal work in this field.


The issue opens with an Introduction by guest editors David Beard and Sara Newman.  It is followed by an ARST interview with Alan Gross conducted by the Association for Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ARST) and by a never before published paper by Thomas Kuhn about the very idea of rhetoric of inquiry.  Kuhn’s paper is introduced and contextualized by Edward Schiappa.


Also included are thirteen papers by a variety of authors on four aspects of Gross’s work:  Rhetoric of Science and Its Epistemology, Visual Rhetoric, the Rhetoric of Museum Displays, and the History of Rhetorical Theory.  Contributors, some of whom give recollections of their collaboration with Alan Gross, include: William Keith, William White, Randy Harris, Nathan Crick, Nathan Johnson, Joseph Harmon, Jeanne Fahnestock, Heather Graves, Gregory Schneider-Bateman, Mariko Izumi, Arthur Walzer, Bill Morris, and Chris McCracken.


The issue ends with a complete bibliography of the works of Alan G. Gross.


Interviews from the ARST Oral History Project are available for viewing on the ARST YouTube Channel. The ARST Oral History Project features interviews with the following individuals:


David Berube                         John Angus Campbell

Leah Ceccarelli                      Celeste Condit                               

David Depew                          Jeanne Fahnestock

Alan Gross                             Randy Harris

Carl Herndl                            Lisa Keränen

John Lynch                             John Lyne

Carolyn Miller                       Lawrence Prelli

Judy Segal                             Greg Wilson

James Wynn


Thanks to Damien Pfister and his crew for all their hard work on the Oral History project and making these rich resources available to all of us.

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“[I]f agency is an attribution, our ideological concerns have been misplaced. We should be concerned less about empowering subaltern subjects and more about enabling and encouraging attributions of agency to them by those with whom they interact—and accepting such attributions from them. We should examine the attributions we ourselves are willing to make and work to improve the attributions that (other) empowered groups are willing to make.”

–Miller, “What Can Automation Tell Us About Agency?” (RSQ, 2007, p. 153)


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