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New ARST award winners announced for the 2013 year. Visit the Ploeger Memorial Award and Article of the Year pages for more information. All winners were recognized at the ARST business meeting at NCA.


Position papers and response papers written for the Vicentennial Celebration are now available in a special issue of POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention. Check it out here.


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2015 NCA

Preconference Photos

Oral History Project



THANKS to those of us who joined us for the NCA 2015 Preconference

Symposium on Agency in honor of Carolyn R. Miller

held Wednesday, November 18


Read the full text of Carolyn's Encomium from the preconference.


Above left: Lynda Walsh presents Carolyn Miller with the ARSTM Honorary Garden Trowel.

Above right: Graduate students present Carolyn with a gift.

Left: Preconference attendees gather for dinner following an engaging day of presentations and reflections.


Interviews from the ARST Oral History Project are available for viewing on the ARST YouTube Channel. The ARST Oral History Project features interviews with the following individuals:


David Berube                         John Angus Campbell

Leah Ceccarelli                      Celeste Condit                               

David Depew                          Jeanne Fahnestock

Alan Gross                             Randy Harris

Carl Herndl                            Lisa Keränen

John Lynch                             John Lyne

Carolyn Miller                       Lawrence Prelli

Judy Segal                             Greg Wilson

James Wynn


Thanks to Damien Pfister and his crew for all their hard work on the Oral History project and making these rich resources available to all of us.

CALL FOR PAPERS: ARSTM @ NCA 2016 Preconference


Post-Critique Rhetorics

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


CLICK HERE to download a full version of the Call For Papers


Recent work in rhetoric of science, technology, and medicine, as well as science and technology studies more broadly, has argued for a reorientation of our efforts away from a more critical agenda and toward the kinds of research that might directly intervene in public policy. Ultimately, arguments for post-critique or upstream rhetorics suggest that the appropriation of postmodern epistemology for dangerous political agendas (climate change denial, anti-vaccine movements, AIDS denialism, etc.) warrant a reevaluation of our more critical modes of inquiry and serious consideration of new non-activist interventional methodologies. Accordingly, the 2016 ARSTM Preconference invites papers that engage (or even critique) the idea of post-critique rhetorics of science, technology, and medicine.

ARST @ RSA 2016 Preconference








Hilton Downtown Atlanta, GA

Room 310


This year’s theme—“Skepticism, Doubt and Change in Science, Technology and Medicine”—is meant to open space for conversations and inquiries exploring sources of doubt, skepticism, and fast-paced change from new and emerging developments in science, medicine and

technology today and historically.


View the Preconference schedule here.

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Coming to the preconference? Take advantage of the RSA room block at the Atlanta Hilton. Rooms are available at a special rate of $139/night (for up to 4 occupants). Click here to book a room now!


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